"No Exit, by French existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre and produced for the stage here by the Invisible City Theater Company, is a fantastic representation of subtle nuances. Hell in this case isn’t a matter of bodily torture, as it’s made abundantly clear at the piece’s opening; but rather the deeper torture that comes from one’s own insecurities and guilt. Three deceased souls are placed within a room, with only each other and their respective shame to punish them, and left to slowly crumble as they see their worlds pass them by. This rendition of the piece, with direction admirably handled by David Epstein, takes a minimalist approach, relying on the strength of the actors to hold the audience’s attention. The three members of the principal cast (Alex Cape, Cecelia Frontero, and Jenna Doolittle) each do a wonderful job in their roles as the damned, alternating in turns between sympathetic victims of circumstances and vile antagonists. Minor flair in the set design by Ira Haskell—such as the irregularities between what at first appear to be identical stools—helps bring the banal world to life, while ultimately serving the text and the performances. The Invisible City Theater Company presents a solid example of theatre done well. Focusing on the strength of the source material, rather than needlessly attempting to provide unnecessary flourish, goes a long way towards proving themselves above creative ego and highlighting their collaborative skills. They’ve presented here a very well-rounded approach to theatre, and should be commended for their efforts and well-honed work."

Jenna Doolittle and Cecelia Frontero No Exit

Jenna Doolittle and Cecelia Frontero
No Exit