ActorClass President, David L. Epstein


I spent years training at prestigious programs only to be frustrated with the results. When I finally chose to abandon what was popular, I started to land work. I told myself then, if my career ever amounted to anything, I would design a common sense form that didn't fall back on old ideas; where we didn't study a "technique" to acting - but acting itself (go here for more). Through ActorClass, I've trained a growing battalion of courageous artists to rediscover the joy of self expression and carve out lucrative careers in the process. Some have reached stardom, proving ActorClass really works. I proudly display my reviews and highlight credits, so you don't have to dig for them:

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After his work won two Oscars for acting, Dennis Lehane, best-selling author of Mystic River, Live by Night, Shutter Island and The Drop, approached me in a theater in the Village and handed over a half-finished script. "I like your directing." He said. "Why don't we develop this?" We spent that summer with a handful of ActorClass students and workshopped the scenes via improv, talk-backs and rewrites. One year later, Lehane and I co-produced the world premiere production of Coronado. I was given the great honor of directing the Off-Broadway show which became a New York Times Critic's Pick and went onto publication by Harper Collins. Our collaboration was featured in Time Out New York and has allowed me to direct dozens of projects and work with hundreds of professional actors at every level of the industry in theater and film: Click any image for my reviews, interviews and articles:

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My writing can be found in various anthologies for actors. All titles have been used in acting classes across the United States including Circle in the Square, Strasberg, Juilliard, NCSA, Tisch at NYU, and have been produced at Mirror Stage of Seattle, La Mama, Venice Playhouse of California, University of Colorado, Madison Technical University, and a recent production via the Rehabilitation Through the Arts Program and the State of New York, at Green Haven maximum security prison -- where prisoners acted the show.

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D. Epstein with Henri Belolo (center), & workshop cast


The Broadway musical in development, Go West, was workshopped between 2010-2012, and produced by Broadway Across America, Moritz Borman (executive producer of Terminator Salvation), and Henri Belolo (multi-platinum music producer). I served as director and bookwriter, and was honored to tell the amazing life story of Mr. Belolo who invented and owns the world famous Village People.

The late Lazaro Perez, acting with D. Epstein, in Ground Level B, written & directed by Andres Heinz (screenwriter, Black Swan)

The late Lazaro Perez, acting with D. Epstein, in Ground Level B, written & directed by Andres Heinz (screenwriter, Black Swan)


I graduated from Tisch at NYU with the award for Outstanding Achievement in Drama. The gritty, short film I associate produced and starred in, Ground Level B, written and directed by Andres Heinz (screenwriter, Black Swan), was recipient of the Mobil Award for Best Picture as well as numerous festival accolades. I've since booked national commercials for AT&T, Microsoft, and Showtime, performed at amazing venues including Theatre Row, Amato Opera House, 59E59, Cherry Lane Theater, and have travelled as far as Cairo, Egypt for acting work in theater and film. I've been an active member of Screen Actor's guild and Actor's Equity Association for twenty years.

Ryan and David on-set

Anthony Jaswinski on the set of Airport Hilton

Anthony Jaswinski on the set of Airport Hilton


Ryan Serhant, who debuts opposite Ben Stiller in While We're Young and stars in Bravo's Million Dollar Listing NY, has co-produced a number of projects including the world premiere of the critically acclaimed Fault Lines, as well as the New York premiere of Purple Hearts (where I directed and Serhant starred). Both productions were mounted under the banner of Invisible City, where I reside as Artistic Director since 2002.

I've also had the great pleasure of co-producing and directing, Airport Hilton, by Anthony Jaswinski, screenwriter of The Shallows, starring Blake Lively, recipient of the Nicholls Fellowship from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and winner of the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance Film Festival for his feature, Killing Time.

Without the support and integrity of dreamers like Ryan, Anthony and all of the performers and creators mentioned here, ActorClass would not exist. I cannot thank those artists enough for trusting me with their ideas.