"Early in my career, I trained with ActorClass founder David L. Epstein, and promptly started landing roles on TV. Now I consult with him on every audition, callback and role I'm offered including the comedy, While We're Young, where I make my film debut opposite Ben Stiller, Amanda Seyfried and Naomi Watts. David understands the nuance of acting in film, television and theater and can help actors at any level. He's the best acting coach in the country." Watch the talented star of Bravo's, Million Dollar Listing, NY, and real estate mogul, RYAN SERHANT.

"ActorClass is the best acting training in New York City, period. I've excelled at cold read, interpreting a script, accessing my emotions and landing paying work, all since training with David Epstein at ActorClass. I've studied other places and they all seemed like a reality show to me. ActorClass is real and meets you at your level. David believes there is no time to romanticize acting, and instead of sitting back in his chair pontificating lofty thoughts, he gets on stage and works right beside actors. Within one year of training with him, I landed a guest starring role opposite Jada Pinkett Smith on FOX's Gotham. If you want to become a professional actor, look no further than ActorClass."  SHADNER IFRENE

Student since 2014

Student since 2014

"I graduated from a prestigious Acting Conservatory in L.A. that put me through a grueling two years of sense memory, accent reduction and the rest. I gained the basic tools that every actor is given and yet, it would be nine years before I would find my greatest weapon: I audited my first three hours at ActorClass for free and what I witnessed was too good to be true. Aside from being shockingly affordable, that first class was different than anything I had ever experienced in any class. For the first time, the entire group was invited to give their open and honest opinion. In training, we are told that the teacher is the only one that gives notes, and what they say must be right. In David’s class, I learned that everyone’s opinion matters and everyone is right. This might be the most important aspect of his teaching that I have taken away with me. Within two short years of training with him, I started booking plays and film content that would lead to my performing on the Broadway Stage. David’s insight to the business is painfully honest and his words of advice come out faster than we can write them down. His energy and focus is contagious. David embodies the passion of what art is supposed to ignite in us. In class we laugh, cry, argue, scream, and face our own demons. It is the best training a performer deserves." KENDALL SEGOVIA

PAUL BEBAN Student since 2016

Student since 2016

"It is no exaggeration that ActorClass and the community David Epstein has built within it have been transformative for my working life as a writer, producer, performer and storyteller. David is much more than an acting coach - he is partner and guide; a deeply curious man full of warmth and wonder about the human experience. Every class, David brings his crackling, contagious energy and boundless enthusiasm to bear on the strange project of acting. David will demand more of you than you ever thought you had - and if you listen to him (and your classmates!) and do the work, you're likely to find it. I found my way to ActorClass in the midst of re-thinking a long career as a broadcast journalist. I've done a lot of investigative work including undercover. Whenever I did, I found the performative aspect compelling, but didn't know how to explore it, how to get inside it. David helped me do just that - explore - and so much more. He gave me the tools and courage to think more broadly about my ideas, and how I approach my work - and I'm not looking back." PAUL BEBAN is an author, television host and Emmy-Award winning journalist whose work has appeared on CBS News, ABC News, Al Jazeera, HDNet and around the world.

TOM KELSEY Student since 2012


Student since 2012

"No matter where in your career, ActorClass is the best place an actor can train. Master teacher David Epstein is a true luminary whose unyielding commitment, enthusiasm and work ethic are contagious. In his classes, I've witnessed an unusual amount of actors have creative breakthroughs that all lead to work in film, television and professional theater. When I came from the United Kingdom, I was unfamiliar with the craft or the business. Since training with David, I have performed at Lincoln Center in New York and the Soho Theatre of London. To travel to America to learn Shakespeare at ActorClass, then be accepted at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in my home country, is proof of David’s level of commitment and knowledge of theater and film. Acceptance to RADA never would have been possible without taking classes and continued private sessions with David. If you are serious about becoming a professional actor, there is no better place in London or New York, than ActorClass." - TOM KELSEY


student since 2011

"David is an insanely passionate human being which bleeds through all he does as a working artist. Each time we train, he is right there with me, challenging me in ways that are so foreign, and yet, so incredibly useful. His directness in one-on-one sessions and classroom environments are quite honestly, refreshing. ActorClass creates a space where everyone has a voice, and a major part is teaching people how to comment constructively on what they see. Unlike other classes I've taken, where the emphasis is on breaking people down or following a technique invented by someone who no longer exists, David's candid and cutting edge approach makes performers aware of how their acting choices, attitudes and habits, affect their work. Whenever I return to the city from acting jobs, I know that David and his studio will be there, ready to remind me of why I fell in love with acting in the first place. If you want to land work in this difficult industry, I cannot recommend ActorClass enough." BRANDON CORDEIRO is a rising star in film and stage who performed a career changing duet with Kristin Chenewith, plus, a role on Transparentthe national tour of  Camelot, and the 20th anniversary Broadway Cares Production of, The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me.

SAM VARTHOLOMEOS  student since 2012


student since 2012

"If you strip down ActorClass to its barebones, it’s a gym for actors. In an industry with a fine line between making it and breaking it, you need all the exercise you can get. David L. Epstein is your own personal trainer who tones your strengths and hones in on those flabby weaknesses, molding you into a casting director slayer. With a background in acting, writing and directing, David is a powerhouse of industry knowledge. Whether you’re just starting out or booking gigs left and right, ActorClass is a place for actors and that’s not an easy thing to come by." Recent credits from SAM VARTHOLOMEOS include Enson Connor on  Star Trek: Discovery, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The Following, The Colbert Report, Footlocker, and AARP national commercials.  


student since 2010

"ActorClass founder David L. Epstein is the most honest, passionate, and qualified acting teacher you'll find. A proven actor / writer / director, he truly understands the work of an artist. He provides an environment nurturing enough to make you feel completely safe to explore, but challenging enough to push for improvement. He's never afraid to hold you to the highest standard - the standard of a pro. If you're ready to book work in this industry, get in touch with ActorClass now!" MARK TALLMAN stars as Aaron Payton on NBC's State of Affairs opposite Alfre Woodard, as Robert Franks on Damagesas Reggie Westfield on Single Ladiesand has done voice-over for the blockbuster game, Grand Theft Auto V. Mark has performed in dozens of national commercials including ZestFoot LockerLegos and Verizon and Nicoret.


student since 2007

"David L. Epstein at ActorClass is thoroughly involved in your process as a performer. He guides you carefully but wants you to make discoveries on your own. He is incredibly enthusiastic about the craft of acting and has truly inspired me!" LAURETTA NKWOCHA is the star of Logo TV's Setup Squad. Her career began as the bartender KIT on As the World Turns, and she played Dianna Ross in the Broadway musical in development, Go West, written and directed by David, and produced by Broadway Across America.

VICTOR La MANTIA student since 2013

student since 2013

ActorClass founder and teacher David L. Epstein has re-ignited my love of acting and taught me that there is no substitute for hard work to get results both creatively and commercially. His expertise on the business of our industry and artistic knowledge, coupled with his ability to communicate the language of acting, surpasses that of all my previous teachers. If you're serious about an acting career, you're missing out if you haven't studied with David. VICTOR LA MANTIA'S Credits include: SyFy's HAPPY!, Blacklist, HBO's VINYL, Law & Order SVU.


student since 2011

"ActorClass is where you work on the muscle of your emotion, and David L. Epstein provides a great and safe environment to do just that. Based on my experience in classrooms and private sessions: David cares. He cares about the work, the craft and you. David just gets it." LUKE GULDAN has guest starred on CBS's Blue Bloods, Comedy Central's Broad City, NBC's Law & Order SVU and MTV's Hey Girl.


student since 2014

"Working with David L. Epstein at ActorClass is the best investment I've made, and will continue making toward my professional career. I highly recommend private sessions and the classroom environment to anyone who wants to finally land work. There are no techniques, games, gimmicks or promises. Instead, David's love and passion for the craft is highly contagious, and his spot-on honesty makes me push my boundaries and recognize when I am false in my acting. His feedback comes not only from the point of view of a fellow actor who has worked around the world, but from the unique perspective of a professional director and writer who has garnered an unmatched combination of talents and industry knowledge. After only a month of classes and a few private sessions, I booked the lead role in the feature film, Ramona, by the award-winning director Bujar Alimani. At ActorClass, where fear is no more, I found the freedom to push myself to a higher level of honesty, and it is paying off." NANCY CASTRO


Actor Class guest artist

"David has an extraordinary instinct for the truth. There is always a deep connection with the human condition and he creates a space for others to discover that in themselves. I feel transparent in rehearsal; there's no hiding from David's eye. It frees you. Consequently, all those awful behaviors we actors are prone to, the need to push, to show, to fall back on our "bag of tricks" -- become unnecessary. When more than a few people told me after performances that, they never thought I could "go there" as an actor, I knew David was the real deal." GERRY LEHANE has been directed by David in nearly a dozen shows, including the Off-Broadway world premiere of Coronado, written by famed author of Mystic River, and brother, Dennis Lehane.  


student since 2008

"At ActorClass, I learned all I was doing wrong as a performer and shown simple ways of getting it right. Here, you don't hold imaginary coffee cups, undergo endless repetition exercises and you don't waste time meeting scene partners outside of class. Instead, we are taught to properly rehearse on our own. I've landed the role of Lucas in Tyler Perry's: Witness Protectionco-starred on Drop Dead Diva, Army Wives and Gossip Girl, all since training at ActorClass. Whether a novice or pro, if you want to elevate your game, I've met no mentors as effective." JEFF JOSLIN


student - 2007

"ActorClass is invaluable. They immediately understand what a scene demands and clearly communicate this knowledge to maximize results. You leave classes feeling accomplished, confident and prepared. Most importantly, they care! They want you to do well. With their help, I booked the female lead in the indie feature Dumping Lisaavailable on HBO On-Demand, and the New York Lotto Commercial Campaign as, Orgasmic Bride. I recommend ActorClass whole heartedly." BRIDGET BURKE can also be found in the blockbuster game, Grand Theft Auto V.


Actor Class guest artist

"David at ActorClass is a remarkably talented artist. His dedication to the work of those he collaborates with is extraordinary. After working with him, I can honestly say that my confidence soared." JEFF GALFER played Sammy Kirsch in the Spielberg produced ABC drama The Riverand has been seen in national commercials for Domino's Pizza, Verizon, Progressive and dozens more. Jeff is also the writer / director of the award-winning film, Buried Treasure. 


student since 2008

"I've struggled for years to find a good coach. After working with David for just a few weeks, I booked a duet with Oscar Nominee Edward Norton in the feature film, Pride and Glory plus seventeen episodes as Ernesto Rivera on One Life To Live.  Actor Class is a safe environment for serious performers. If you are looking to take your career to the next stage and you value an honest and supremely educated opinion, then working with David should be your first choice." DAVID PINON


student - 2008

"David at ActorClass is an excellent coach. He thoroughly enjoys being a guide, while simultaneously exchanging ideas. My focus is theater, and with his help, I've landed jobs with The Flea Theater, 13P, Clubbed Thumb, Woodshed Collective and many others." JOCELYN KURITSKY


student - 2009

"If you are lucky enough to train with David at ActorClass, your work will never be the same. He takes you to your next level whatever it may be. His approach to teaching is beyond conventional and has transformed my ability. His one-on-one sessions and group workshops are the ultimate combo. In both, he presents direct criticism in a thoughtful and caring manner. I filmed the HBO series How to Make it in America and Wall Street 2, as Gordon Gecko's assistant, which I could not have done without David. He is loaded with imagination and can bring your acting more realism and strength than you thought possible!" MIRA TZUR